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Just joined...

Hi, my name is Allie, and I'm an Orch. dork.

Heh! Had to make the AA joke.

Anyway, I'm a string bass player (2nd chair this year, w00t!) who likes classical over jazz (Bottesini in particular). My favourite songs for the string bass (well, this one's a bass solo with an orchestra behind it) is "Une Larme" For Double Bass - Giaccino (sp?) Rossini or (for bass and piano) Capriccio For Double Bass And Piano - Neil Rabaut. Anyone who gives me a site where I can buy sheet music for the Rossini song will have my eternal gratitude (I've been unable to find it for the past year of looking).

Aside from that, I love being in an orchestra. It's my favourite class, mostly because just playing (an honest to god, productive rehearsal) can cheer me out of just about any bad mood. That and my teacher kicks ass, but that's beside the point.

In all four years of bass playing, I've only ever met one other high school girl bass player. Sad, no? I'd like to meet more bass players in general, it seems we're a dying breed.

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