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Hello.. I am you moderator of this community.

As you know this community is about.. well Orchestra to say the least so.. lets see

I have played Clarinet for about 4 years now and am currently 1st chair. I got bored and picked up violin about a year ago.. and found that I really liked it. last year I signed up to do band and orchestra at school, and soon moved up in chairs. This year I am first chair first violin and first chair clarinet.

I love music, its a huge part of my life I'm in Strolling Strings ( A group of strings that is kindof like what marching band does of the string section and goes to schools and plays for kids while walking around ) String Symphonetts is an advanced orchestra for kids. I am also trying out for my local communities kid full symphony orchestra.

We still need a lot more members so please try to promote this if you can :) and feel free to post about yourself in here..

~your mod. Cara

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